Flat Deck Freight Services in Edmonton

Are you searching for flat deck freight services in Edmonton? First Call Trucking has been in the transporting business for more than a decade. With the recent expansion, First Call Trucking provides air freight services from Edmonton to Houston! You can find more information regarding this on our homepage. Or simply call us!

If you are looking for Flat Deck Trucks, read on for more information regarding this!

First Call Trucking

First Call Trucking has an extensive fleet of vehicles that cater to the trucking and logistic requirements of companies as well as individuals. From larger transportation vehicles such as flat deck and super b trucks to smaller vehicles such as vans and sedans, First Call Trucking fulfills your transportation requirements.

What is Flat Deck used for?

Flat Bed Trucks are exactly what the name suggests. They have a solid flat body which is attached to the vehicle. There is no roof attached to the bed and the bed can be easily removed or tilted. Flatbed vehicles come in various sizes for different purposes.

A flatbed truck is known for its versatility when it comes to transporting cargo. The bed on a flat deck trailer can be titled, which makes unloading and loading a breeze. Therefore, it can be used for the transportation of heavy cargo such as machinery. A forklift makes the process of loading and unloading even easier.

When choosing a flatbed truck for transportation, keep the following things in minds:

  • Size of the cargo
  • The dimensions and weight of the cargo play an important role in determining whether a flatbed truck is required or not. So, if you are transporting vehicles and items of this sort, a flatbed truck with tilting beds are the perfect choices for loading and unloading. In cases where the bed does not tilt, you can instead use a forklift.

  • Distance
  • Flatbed trucks are normally used for the long haul because of the huge capacity of the truck. So, if you want cargo to be transported from one city to another, then a flatbed truck is perfect for your requirements.

  • Type of Cargo
  • Since flatbed trucks do not have a roof, this means that certain type of cargo cannot be transported. In this case, a super b truck may be a better option.

If you have any confusion regarding which truck to use for the transportation of your cargo, you can contact us by mail or by phone. Our contact details are available on the website.

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