Reliable trucking company in Edmonton

First Call Trucking is the most reliable trucking company in Edmonton! Don’t believe us? We’ll tell you why!We cater to businesses of all scale. We provide services for large scale business that requires storage facilities including delivery and distribution. And if you are a small business that requires delivery services within the city, we provide trucking services for these too.

Our large fleet of trucks and vehicles allow any size of freight to be transported. If you face logistics and transportation problems, then you have come to the right place!

First Call Trucking specializes in flatbed trucks. But our fleet also includes trucks such as step deck trucks, super b trucks including smaller vehicles such as sedans. At our company, we also take tests of our drivers. We provide training to our staff members and hire them through a rigorous hiring procedure.

At First Call Trucking we use updated and new equipment for your trucking and transportation requirements. Not only is it cost effective, it is also safe. We believe in providing safety to our staff and your goods. Therefore, our vehicles periodically go through quality assurance tests.
For the convenience of our clients we provide GPS tracking services which allows you to monitor your cargo as it is on the go. We put safety first. This is why we are the most reliable trucking company in Edmonton!

One of the key benefits of hiring us is that you get storage facilities for your cargo. Through making use of GPS, we ensure that your cargo gets delivered on time without any delays. We provide trucking facilities for short distance as well as long distance.First Call Trucking is experienced, being in the trucking and transportation business for over 10 years.

Because of this we have a variety of clients ranging from FedEx to DHL. Apart from supplementing courier requirements, we are also experts at handling chemical transportation including oil and gas.
If you still not sure about the services we provide, feel free to check out our website for more information. Call us for further queries. You can also get a free estimate on the cost of the services we provide.