Super B trucking companies in Edmonton

Are you searching for super b trucking companies in Edmonton? Then you have arrived in the right place! If you have any transportation and logistics issues, First Call Trucking provide these facilities in Edmonton, Alberta.

Our super b truck provide transportation of cargo on a scheduled weekly basis from Ontario to Quebec. In addition to these trucks, First Call Trucking also has step deck trucks, flat bed decks and other in its fleet. For transportation of smaller volume of goods, we provide sedans and smaller vehicles.

First Call Trucking has over 10 years of experience in the transportation industry. Over the course of time, we have transported different types of cargo including hazardous chemicals such as gas and oil.

In addition to transportation services, First Call Trucking also provides temporary storage, delivery and distribution services. Our staff is trained well in providing customers with these services and more. Our safety programs ensure that poor habits are recognized so that preventive actions can be taken. Apart from this, our hiring process is rigorous. We also provide training to our drivers and staff members. Our GPS tracking services allow your cargo to be tracked, in addition to ensuring that it reaches its destination on time.

Whether your business is small or large, we provide trucking services to all. Some of our esteemed clients include FedEx and DHL.

The equipment that we use at First Call Trucking is up-to-date. Because of this, cost of transportation is reduced. We get rid of equipment that is old in order to ensure safety. First Call Trucking provides long distance and short distance transportation facilities to clients.

We are experienced in handling a variety of cargo to fulfil your trucking requirements. We provide trucking and transportation services within the city as well as other parts of the country. Call us for more information.So if you are planning to have your cargo transported, try First Call Trucking.First Call Trucking is one of the best super b trucking companies in Edmonton.

Check out our website for the services we provide. Call us for further queries. You can also get a quotation on the cost of transportation from us.