Top Rated Trucking Company in Edmonton

First Call Trucking is the top rated company in Edmonton! One of the reason why this is so is because we take necessary safety measures when it comes to our staff and your goods.

Although we specialize in flat deck trucks, however, we have a large fleet of vehicles to cater for all sorts of trucking and transportation requirements of our clients. In addition to this particular type of vehicle, others which are a part of our fleet include step deck truck, super b truck and other small vehicles.

Whether you require transportation for long distance or short distance, we provide logistic operations for all. It does not matter whether your cargo is large or small, we have a variety of vehicles and routes to cater for.Because we provide logistics including transportation, storage and delivery for businesses, we are the top rated company in Edmonton.

The nature of our business requires that we take necessary precautions for safety. To test the physical and mental vitality of drivers and staff members, they undergo a rigorous hiring process. Even after we hire our staff, we often provide training workshops. We also provide online training to staff members.

In addition to this, at First Call Trucking we also discard old equipment and replace it with new. Updated equipment is not only safer, it also significantly saves on transportation cost.Apart from providing delivery and distribution services, we also provide storage facilities for clients. This adds to the ease of our clients because safe storage of cargo and goods ensures reliability on our part.

First Call Trucking has been in the trucking business for more than 10 years. Over the course of this time, we have dealt with a variety of clients including FedEx and DHL.
Because of the industry level quality of our equipment, we also provide trucking services for chemicals and other hazardous substances. Our experience has allowed us to also provide oil and gas transportation facilities for clients as well.

When we say that First Call Trucking is the top rated company in Edmonton, we are not kidding.If you have further queries regarding the services we provide, you can send us an email or simply call us.Check out our website for more information. You can even get an estimate on the cost of our services.