Trucking companies Edmonton Alberta

If you have been searching for trucking companies Edmonton Alberta, you have landed in the right place! First Call Trucking has been providing trucking facilities for variety of businesses, whether large scale or small scale. We also provide transportation facilities for any shipment size.

First Call Trucking has been in the transportation business for more than 10 years. Although we are experienced in flat deck trucking services, our large fleet of vehicles fulfills all sort of trucking requirements. Our trucks include step deck and super b for larger cargo. We also provide transportation, delivery and distribution for smaller cargo.

We handle transportation and logistics of our clients whether across town or across country. Some of our most esteemed clients include FedEx and DHL. Because of our experience in handling equipment and cargo, we also provide transportation for hazardous chemicals including gas and oil.

At First Call Trucking, we ensure that your cargo is delivered safely. We provide GPS tracking services so that our clients know the whereabouts of their cargo. This also ensures on-time delivery of cargo. One of the reasons why we are the preferred choice of our clients is because the equipment we use is up-to-date. We periodically discard old equipment and replace it with new. This not only reduces the cost of delivery, it also ensures safety.

With our equipment, we are capable of handling all sorts of cargo whether robust or fragile. With our experience, we are able to provide the best trucking services to clients and customers.
Our hiring process is rigorous as we hire the best drivers, since long haul drives require drivers to be mentally and physically tough. Other than this, we also provide comprehensive training to drivers.

We understand that businesses require storage as well when it comes to transportation. For our clients ease and satisfaction, First Call Trucking also provides temporary storage, delivery and distribution to customers and clients. This is why we are among the best trucking companies in Edmonton Alberta!

First Call Trucking is the best flat deck trucking company in Edmonton. Our commitment to delivering cargo in time and safely is what makes First Call Trucking unique. We ensure that our customers are satisfied with the services we provide.

We provide short and long haul trucking services in Canada. Since July 2018, First Call Trucking has expanded its operation by providing trucking services to the USA as well. Our service areas include Alberta, Toronto, and Montreal in Canada. We provide air freight services from Edmonton to Houston. You can find more information regarding this on our home page.

Why First Call Trucking is the best trucking company in Edmonton?

Want to know why First Call Trucking is the best? We are dedicated to ensuring the safety of our drivers! Old and weathered equipment is not only hazardous; it also increases the cost of transportation. This is why we inspect and upgrade our equipment to avoid any operational risks. New equipment also means that the delivery time is reduced and your logistic needs are fulfilled quickly.

For the ease of its customers and clients, First Call Trucking also provides delivery of cargo to your doorstep. This removes any hassle in collecting your cargo. With the range of transportation vehicles at your disposal, First Call Trucking ensures that all your logistic requirements are fulfilled.

You don’t have to be a large-scale company to avail the transportation services that we offer. We provide transportation for smaller cargo as well. We have had a range of clients in the past. And it would be our pleasure to provide you with our services!

Check out our website for more information. If you have queries regarding the service we provide, you can call us.